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The way we work

We had a guest in the Clearleft studio last week. Jen Simmons was hanging out in Brighton, and she finished up the week with an exclusive workshop, just for the front-end developers here. She wanted to try out her material on CSS Grid Layout, and we were only too happy to be willing guinea pigs. It was mind-bendingly good.

In the middle of the week, Charlotte spoke at the Dot York event in—yes, you guessed it—York. Unlike her recent barnstorming performance at the Up Front conference in Manchester, this shorter talk wasn’t about web development. This time she was talking about her learning journey since joining Clearleft. It was a very open, honest, and vulnerable ten minute presentation that she diligently prepared for:

  • First, she mind-mapped what she wanted to cover.
  • Then she did chunks of writing on individual points.
  • Then she arranged the content into a logical narrative.
  • Finally she put together minimalistic slides and rehearsed her delivery.

Meanwhile, back in Brighton, Andy T. is liking the look of a tool called Coggle:

Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps.

And Charlotte pointed us to this rather excellent poster at Government Digital Services that spells out It’s ok to say what’s ok. It’s okay to…

  • say “I don’t know”
  • ask for more clarity
  • stay at home when you feel ill
  • say you don’t understand
  • ask what acronyms stand for
  • ask why, and why not
  • forget things

We like this. We like this a lot.