Clearleft reinvigorated NBC Universal's Video-on-Demand service by leading a full rebrand & responsive redesign.

Following several successful projects with NBC Universal — including redesigns of both their Syfy and Universal channels - Clearleft were asked to help reinvigorate PictureBox’s Video-on-Demand (VoD) service.

PictureBox offers a curated and hand-picked list of great films to watch every month for only £4.99. With access to previously unseen content including behind-the-scenes footage and other bonus extras, PictureBox is well-positioned to make an impact in the increasingly crowded VOD space.

However the original design was tired and lacked differentiation amongst its competitors. The key USPs of the product were muddy, and the route to sign-up was complex and convoluted. Ultimately, the service was in need of a full tactical refresh versus the optimisation of a single sign-up journey.

Rebranding through the interface

Although we were never commissioned to rebrand the PictureBox service, early visual design explorations — coupled with successful co-design workshops and extensive competitive analysis — led the team to use the new direction as the basis for PictureBox’s presence across all media including print, apps and interactive TV.

We came to the final design language through what we would later refer to as element collages: prescriptive but explorative UI mood boards which helped us to quickly explore a style and design direction before moving into more time-consuming page level designs.

Designing systems (as well as comps)

Coupled with an interactive prototype that addressed and simplified the various sign-up routes, we designed a fully-responsive design system that allowed users to shortlist and view movies on a wide range of connected devices. Our deliverables to PictureBox’s incumbent agency included our tried-and-tested pattern portfolio, a set of instructions, modular code snippets and style guidelines designed to ensure consistency during implementation and allow for extensibility in the future.


Following the 2012 launch, an iterative design refresh has seen the PictureBox site updated to address post-launch feedback and metrics whilst retaining the strong visual language that’s helped set them apart from their competition.

What we did
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Team members
Richard Rutter, Jon Aizlewood, Bevan Stephens
Project duration
6 weeks

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