Rowena Price

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Rowena’s job is to tell the story of Clearleft. She looks at how we connect with people, and makes plans to strengthen those connections. That might involve social media, face-to-face events, or this very website.

Rowena believes in the value of communicating clearly and with purpose, both within Clearleft and with the world outside. She enjoys solving marketing and communications challenges and loves to explore the nitty-gritty of how people speak, listen, and interact online as well as in person.

The journey to Clearleft

Doing “web stuff” happened fairly organically for Rowena. After working in communications for a few years, by 2010 she found herself in charge of all things digital—managing online profiles, digital communications, and website builds.

Before joining Clearleft, Rowena worked in the cultural and third sectors, most recently for award-winning dance development agency South East Dance.

Away from the office

When she isn’t at work, Rowena can be found dancing the Charleston with Savoy Kicks—“Greater than the Great Gatsby and brighter than Bright Young Things.”

If she’s not dancing, Rowena is either involved in some other sporty stretchy activity like yoga, or she’s enjoying fine food and drink. She’s also a trustee at the Brighton Natural Health Centre.

Latest thinking

  • Interaction 17: Bites from the Big Apple pt.2 28th Feb 2017

    If you’ve read Interaction 17: Bites from the Big Apple pt.1, you’ll know that some of the Clearleft team decamped to New York City in early February for Interaction 17. And hopefully you’ll have a idea of how the conference played out. If you haven’t already read it, take a quick look, then read on for part 2…