Clare Kirkland

Project Manager

Clare is a Scrum Master. She’s got the certificate to prove it too.

Before coming to Clearleft, she worked with such angencies as CX Partners, The Zone, and Head London.


Clare specialises in all things Agile: Agile Project Management, Agile Coaching, Agile Anything. She attends and participates in lots of different Agile-related meet-ups in London and Brighton.

She’s also in the Scrum Alliance, which is much like the Rebel Alliance but with less rebellion and more scruminess.

Away from the office

Clare is an avid reader. A perfect quiet day would be spent on a comfy sofa reading a book. She also enjoys travel and will happily go anywhere she hasn’t been before to see what it’s like. It helps that she has a fascination with languages. At one time, she could speak French pretty fluently, along with Italian.

Clare’s family have a mini (not official) farm/animal paradise/sanctuary down in Dorset and very happy days are spent there dealing with very loud and moody donkeys, making pacts with the local fox community through the means of meat bribes not to attack the chickens or guinea fowl, and crowd control on the pack of cats which live in and around the farm.

Clare Kirkland

Latest thinking

  • A tiny lesson: Using the Lean Coffee format for large group discussions 27th Jan 2016

    This week we hosted the Agile SwapShop meet up at Clearleft, and had around 20 people come along to the session. With such a large group of people, and the emphasis being on discussion rather than presentations, it was important to find a method to allow everyone to get involved and provide a useful structure for the conversation.

    We decided to try out the Lean Coffee method.