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Learn effective design critique

Knowing how to give, receive or request feedback can have a huge impact on a project's success. This workshop helps your team develop new ways to critique design collaboratively.

Workshop details

  • Price: £2500
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Attendees: 4-8

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About this workshop

As a designer asking for feedback on your work is hard, getting the right kind of feedback even harder. Ever had those conversations about why someone doesn’t like this or that, why that’s not the right shade of blue, or had a stakeholder tell you what they’d like to see? How do you avoid opinion and subjectivity and solicit useful feedback that helps move the design forward?

This workshop gives you the tools you need. By learning how to have the right conversations, using the right language and adopting constructive techniques, this workshop helps prepare designers (or anyone involved in the design process) to better run effective design critiques that deliver more productive, collaborative dialogue throughout the design phase of a project.

Who is this suitable for?

  • UX Designers
  • UI Designers
  • Front-end and back-end Developers
  • Product designers
  • Project Managers
  • Senior Managers

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • discovered new strategies and processes to help collect and filter feedback
  • learned how to state and communicate key objectives and goals for your design
  • how to make sure everyone gets heard
  • adopted new strategies for providing constructive critique
  • gained new confidence in presenting your work and inviting critique
  • understood how positive, structured critiques can help all team members