Bring your team together to learn new skills in a lively, collaborative environment.

Each of our workshops is run by one of the well-known industry practitioners who work at Clearleft.

Choose a workshop, build a training programme or contact us to create a training package to suit you.

Popular Workshops

  • Create empathy maps and user journeys

    Create products and services that get to the heart of users' needs. Learn how to create user story maps and user journeys to help you design effectively and efficiently.

  • Create a front-end pattern library

    Learn how to take a more sustainable approach to front-end design by creating a reusable pattern library out of modular components.

  • Run effective design sprints

    ​Learn new ways to structure and run agile design phases by introducing iterative design sprints with collaborative design games and interactive prototyping.

  • Practise User Experience design for lean teams

    This workshop gives you the tools, techniques and the confidence you need to work smarter and faster with Lean User Experience Design.

  • Create content structures and strategies

    Learn practical and creative techniques for structuring articles, reports, blogs, talks and webpages. This workshop helps writers of all abilities tackle the writing process with efficiency and confidence.

  • Learn effective design critique

    Knowing how to give, receive or request feedback can have a huge impact on a project's success. This workshop helps your team develop new ways to critique design collaboratively.

More Workshops

  • Learn creative facilitation techniques

    Let's eradicate long-winded meetings and workshops that hinder progress or reduce project momentum. Learn new ways to facilitate workshops and meetings that incubate great design.

  • Learn the fundamentals of working with Agile

    Using the Agile approach to deliver projects is one of the most effective and efficient methods to create value for your business. Learn how to set up and run an Agile project using Scrum.

  • Learn to do responsive web typography

    Learn how to create websites with engaging, appropriate, distinctive, expressive and readable web typography which adapts for screens of all shapes and sizes.

  • Learn the fundamentals of UX design

    A pragmatic workshop to help you implement the practice of User Experience design in your work. Learn how to research, generate ideas, prototype and test under the constraints of time, budget and organisational culture.

  • Learn about responsive enhancement

    Designing for a new world of devices of every shape and size can have a huge impact on your processes. Learn to embrace the flexibility of web, and create future-friendly digital experiences.

    Workshop coming soon.

  • Learn how to do usability testing in-house

    If it doesn't work for users, all your design efforts and investments may go to waste. Discover the value of real-world user testing and learn how to organise and run tests with real users.​

    Workshop coming soon.